Andrew Kendall (andrewkendall) wrote,
Andrew Kendall

Polytechnic In Manchester

Polytechnic in Manchester. An old picture I stumbled across after being forced to spend the entire weekend reinstalling everything on my main computer. Why? Because the primary hard drive decided to keel over and die. Sorry if I'm about to rant, but you know what: I really hate hard disks. Over half of the drives I've ever bought have now given up the ghost, all just outside of warranty of course. I even have a special box to keep all the dead ones in, take a look (that isn't even all of them!) Touch wood this time I didn't lose anything major, but it's still time and money I'd rather not have to spend. In the unlikely event anyone reading this works for a HDD manufacturer, please note, you owe me! Especially you IBM / Hitachi, did anyone else here ever suffer at the hands of the evil Deathstar?
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